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Case Studies

360-Degree Showcase: Restaurant & Special Event Space

A high-end restaurant and event space in Westchester County, NY uses U-Lode for its marketing material:

One Flipbook showcases the events space for weddings, fundraisers, corporate retreats, and parties. Included:

A second Flipbook showcases the restaurant. Included:

The event space recently hosted a gala fundraiser for which dozens of chefs prepared hundreds of dishes. The Flipbook served as the program—complete with menus, chef bios, restaurant descriptions and photos, and a guide to the silent auction

We love the wine feature. When diners want to order a bottle, we leave our wine list with them—in the form of a Flipbook on our house iPad. If they have a question about a pairing or vintage, they text the sommelier—directly from the Flipbook. There’s no need for them to flag down a server, who needs to then track down the sommelier. It’s direct, efficient, and quick!