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What is Ulode?

Ulode is do it yourself digital software that allows a user to create content in the form of a magazine, catalog, newsletter, evite etc. A user can upload a pdf, excel or word document.

Can pictures and video be added?
Yes- ulode offers the user the ability to add their own photos and videos. Several  pricing packages available where you can either  purchase a Ulode set package or have the option to create something specific to your needs.

I have large videos and high-resoultion books which equal more than a gig of storage. Can I send this to someone without the fear of bouncing this back?
Yes - Ulode stores your files on their servers which allow large amounts of data to be sent effortlessly. Ulode simulates a Kindle or Nook that can allow for potentially hundreds of books to be stored at one time. Videos can be handled in this manner as well.


Who uses Ulode?
Ulode is used by anyone who wishes to deliver their message, whatever their message is in a more efficent manner.

Magazine Publishers, Real Estate Agents, Restaurants, Caterers and Eventplanners, Jewelers, Sole Proprietors, Modeling Agencies and many more businesses are currently using Ulode to dramatically enhance their message.


Can Ulode be viewed on Mobile Devices?
Yes- Ulode can be viewed on all Apple devices, all android devices, Blackberry os6 and Qnx and Microsoft Windows.  

Can video from other sites such as youtube be embedded into my materials?
Yes- Ulode allows a user if they have video at other sites, to be able to take that link and copy it into a page of their book.


I would like to have the same colors that my website has. Does Ulode provide this?

Yes - Ulode allows the user to customize logos, colors and all features so your branding stays consistent.

Can I create Social Media platforms using Ulode?
Yes - once your materials are created, click the share envelope to guide Ulode to Facebook, Twitter or what other social media platforms you wish to send your materials to!

Can I take links from my websites that are shopping carts and place them in my materials?
Yes, you can!

Does Ulode offer security if I don't wish to keep my materials public?
Yes - Ulode offers security features which enable the user to lock their materials from the public if they wish.

Does Ulode offer Support if I have a problem?
Yes - Customer support is available from 8am-9pm Monday-Saturday. E-mail support@ulode.com with your inquiry and your response will be dealt with promptly.

I don't have professionally designed collateral. Can Ulode help me?
Yes - Ulode creative offers designers, photographers and videographers to help you through the creative process.

Does Ulode offer a trial membership to start?
Yes - a 15 day trial is provided if you wish to try Ulode out.