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Ulode allows you to take PDFs, excel spreadsheets and word documents to be uploaded to create virtual content on a moments notice. Whether you have a magazine, brochure, catalog, newsletter, evite or inventory spreadsheet, Ulode allows all of these features to be handled seamlessly! Ulode allows videos and photo galleries to be added. For a more detailed profile, please view our key features for these items directly below.

Key Features

Muliple Platforms

Ulode can be viewed on desktops, laptops, along with tablets and phones. Ulode accommodates iOS, Android, Windows and the New Blackberry10 platform.

Branding/Logos- customize your material using your colors and placing your logo so you can fully brand your brand.

Add/Replace/Delete pages- need to delete four pages, add three more or delete one page and add another? Ulode enables the user to go into their account to do these tasks without having to delete or upload an entire book. Whatever tagging and linking that you have done will stay in place which means your efforts will be maximized. Tip- this feature is perfect for replacing a page with a typo on it or adding a last minute advertisement!

More Flipbooks- You publish monthly and wish to have your past editions archived! The more flipbooks feature allows for just that!

Pages- This feature allows for a thumbnail for each page of your creation to viewed in this manner. You wish to view page 9 and 10 before the cover? Slide the thumbnail in this manner to achieve this.

Duplicate book feature- Need to duplicate the same book you just uploaded? In your account, you simply click the duplicate feature and within seconds, you have two of the same book. Tip- this is awesome for proposals where you have to swap out one page for a different cover letter to someone else.

Share- Ulode allows you to share your creation socially. API'S for Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn were built to allow you to maximize your distribution of your material.  You can share by point a specific page to open up before the cover. Tip- you want to send page 4 to be viewed to your Facebook audience. Get to page 4, click the Facebook icon on the share bar and within seconds, your audience will see page 4!

Share Email- click the share icon, click email and send this to a friend or co-worker. Type in all fields to do so. Just like the share social media function, you can point this to a specific page. It will appear when someone receives your email as a thumbnail of the page you sent it to.

Share as a Text Message- click the share icon, click SMS and punch in the phone number of the person you wish to send this to. Ulode allows a 140 character message so that person receiving knows where is coming from.

Feeds Bar- by going into your account, you can link your latest Facebook posts and tweets so your audience sees your social media.

Search-  by clicking the search bar, this allows a user to view a page via thumbnail by word specific. Tip- an education magazine, type teacher for what pages the word teacher appears.

Zoom- by clicking the Zoom feature on whatever device your on, this will allow you to view a page and the surrounding area in a larger format.

Analytics- Ulode's analytics enables you to see how many people have viewed your book. The analytics feature goes much deeper than that. It allows for how many times a page has been clicked and viewed, a specific link that has been embedded as well. On the share envelope,  our analytics feature allows for where your book has been viewed and the ability to capture an email address of the sender.

SEO- within Ulode, you can create multiple SEO profiles where you can customize each page, title, description and keywords. This will be picked up on all major search engines.

Usage- Ulode can be a website at a fraction of the cost of a website using a developer to do this for you. Example- stacykessler.com

Ulode can be viewed inside email blasts to increase the distribution of your message, embedded into your website, and shared from your URL in a way a website never could.