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How it Works

What's a Flipbook?

Say you own a fine restaurant, and you've just acquired a special selection of aged Barolos. Pop the new list in your U-Lode Flipbook, bookmark it, and send it to all the red wine lovers you know. You think some of them will make reservations?

Or: you're a real estate agent, and you've just received your first million-dollar listing. Hire a videographer, and take him/her on a guided tour around the place. When you're done, embed the finished video into your Flipbook, and send it to buyers and sellers. You've got a listing worth bragging about--and the means to brag.

what is a flipbook

The U-Lode Flipbook is a minor miracle in DIY marketing. In short, it allows any business to compile digital content (videos, photos, PDFs, Word docs, etc.), then direct it (via website or email) towards targeted readers.

  • As with a magazine, your readers can "flip" through it, and send the whole thing—or just a page—to their friends and colleagues.
  • They can search through it, even zoom in for a closer look.
  • They can use it to bookmark you on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter.

When it's time to either revise your Flipbook (by adding, deleting, or replacing pages) or create a whole new Flipbook, use our built-in shortcuts. That means you don’t lose your tags, such as the links you’ve already embedded to your videos and websites. It also means you can change things on a moment’s notice—without wasting a lot of paper!

How to Get Started

  1. Choose a package. Packages vary based on number and size of Flipbooks. You can always upgrade.
  2. Add design customization. Do it yourself, or put yourself in U-Lode Creative’s professional hands.
  3. Create your first Flipbook. Load PDFs, photos, captions, videos, Word documents, articles, and/or spreadsheets.
  4. Duplicate your Flipbook, and add, delete, or revise pages as you like!