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SMS - Text Messaging


97.5% of text messages are read because they’re short, direct, timely and every phone receives them. 84% of them are opened within 3 minutes. Because of this, SMS marketing is growing quickly as a means of delivering marketing messages to clients and customers. This kind of marketing can be a great benefit to any kind of company.

  • Mobile coupon redemption rates are 10 times higher than paper coupons distributed in newspapers or through the mail.
  • 30% of consumers respond to branded text messages.
  • SMS has 8 times the response rate of email.

Mobile Marketing Information:

  • Studies show that 84 percent of mobile phone users keep their device within 10 feet of them at all times.
  • A recent study by Compete.com indicates that almost 40 percent of consumers are extremely interested in receiving mobile coupons for a wide variety of services / purchases!
  • Studies by Nielsen Mobile indicate Average Mobile Marketing campaign response rates are typically 12 – 15 percent (as opposed to direct mail which averages 2 – 3 percent); some companies are seeing response rates as high as 60 percent plus!
  • 53% of small biz owners in recent study interested in being able to send text msg reminders to customers.
  • What do consumers use their mobiles for?
  1. calls
  2. SMS
  3. mobile Web
  4. apps
  5. games
  6. social networking
  7. music
  • Over 20 million mobile users text in votes on American Idol each week the show airs.
  • 84% of Facebook news feed stories aren’t viewed, 71% of tweets get ignored and 88% of emails go unopened.
  • SMS Marketing is one of the newest and fastest growing types of marketing because if offers low cost, high return on investment, and places promotions and updates in the pockets of potential customers. It is similar to email in cost, but offers much higher re.sponse rates as most mobile phone users open and view text messages.
  • A Ulode Text Blast can be written up to 160 characters, a link can be embedded into your text blast and this can be sent to your entire list within minutes.
  • Using Ulode SMS custom link, The options are really exciting, and the opportunities are plentiful!